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Skill Education

Health Care


The basic knowledge of our body functioning is vital, and in case of emergency situation we train our students for,

  • Blood Group Checking

  • Temperature, Blood Pressure and Oxygen level Checking

  • Hygiene practices

  •  First Aid

Household Products


Entrepreneurship should imbibe from an early ages and thus we help our students by training them in

  • Cooking and Bakery Products

  • Packaging and Branding

  • Uniform Stitching

Agriculture Practices


Since agriculture is the backbone of our country, hence we believe in having the basic knowledge of agriculture will always benefit our students in future and thus we train them in

  • Nursery Development and Grafting

  • Soil testing

  • Seed Management

  • Food grain storage

  • Agriculture equipment maintenance and repair



We encourage our students in applying mathematics and physics knowledge for development and train them to be at par with engineering works. Thus, to spark the interest towards various engineering fields in the budding stage we train them in

  • Civil – Basic construction and Land survey

  • Mechanical – Basic repair of two and four-wheeler, carpentry

  • work and manufacturing of home appliances.

  • Electrical – Home wiring and fitting, Junction box production and basic maintenance of home appliances.

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