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Swadhin Yatra 2023: The festival of Skills

Swadheen Yatra : The Festival of Skills was organised at our Vidyalaya on 21st Jan 2023 in the presence of our guest of honour CS Shri Sudhir B Sutar and Shri Sachin Kulkarni and President Pradeep B Alurkar.

The event started by pooja, followed by welcoming the guests, offering the flowers. Later the guests addressed our students. Students actively participated in the event. They made items, all by themselves from Skill Lab. They had gone through full length chain of Training, product development, processing, packaging, marketing and sales. This was a unique experience for all the students. They were well prepared for the event and presented with all their energy and enthusiasm.

Some students were seen putting colourful rangolis in the school ground illustrating various concepts taught in school like the human brain, the digestive system, chemical reactions, photosynthesis etc. Not just scientific processes, students also drew rangolis on issues that need social awareness like child abuse etc. where other students took the space to sell various fruits and vegetables. Few other sold electric switch board.

The guests spoke to the students. They were very generous and appreciated their efforts and talent. The students expressed themselves freely. It was a wholesome experience for them.

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