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School Assembly Election

The overall goal of the education program is to introduce and familiarize the students of all grade levels with voter registration and voting procedures, as well as encourage students to exercise their right to vote once they become eligible. On 12th August, the elections took place in Vidyalaya.

The Students were taught the procedure and discussions include topics such as :

  • The right to vote and the importance of exercising your right

  • How every vote counts and the impact / importance just one vote can have

  • How and when to register to vote

  • A mock election

School Elections Gives students a unique opportunity to represent their peers and bring about the changes they would not like to see at the Vidyalaya. Standing in a student election and becoming a students' union officer can significantly boost ones career.

Representing the academic interests of students is at the heart of all students. Being a student representative is so rewarding, especially when you see the change and the impact that you're having on students during their time at School.

Taking a more active role also allows students to interact with students from a variety of different backgrounds and this can result in strong, long-lasting friendships. They'll work with a diverse range of people, including academics, university senior management, university staff, union staff, the wider community and importantly, the eclectic make-up of students.

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