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Martial Arts Training Center Inauguration

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

If there is a field that comprises ethics, aesthetics, action theory, the philosophy of sport, cognitive science, and philosophy, it is Martial Arts. Learning martial arts helps in gaining ability to defend oneself in any compromising situation. It helps in developing the ability to work under pressure. It helps in developing the cognitive abilities to think faster and clearer. It helps in developing focus and concentration.

Today, 9th February 2022, Wushu - A martial Art training was formally inaugurated at our Vidyalaya, in the presence of Director Shri. Amrut Kulkarni, The Headmaster, Master Sandeep Patil, who is a professional coach and Master Rohit Manohar Ghunake, both being state level and national level champions, will coach to our students. Students were told about the importance and benefits of learning Martial Arts.

Students, then had a session held by the Coaches, where they were taught the basics. Students took all the charm and practiced diligently. It was a moment of pride for them.

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