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Inauguration of Community Learning Center - for the children of tribal community

We came up with Community Learning Center today on 29th June 2022, with the hope of educating and enlightening the lives of tribal children.

The Tribal children belong to the Potaraj community, who basically do work like a helping hand with their parents. They always want to remain isolated. They stay at a place for few months and then move on to different place.

According to many Indians, their continued isolation poses problems to national integration.

Government planners see education as indispensable for helping tribal peoples cope with national integration. Education will also determine their prosperity, success and security in life.

Tribal students have different backgrounds from their non-tribal schoolmates and even the teachers, who are normally outsiders, do not understand the tribal students.

So in order to address this issue, we planned to open a Community Learning Center, with the help of a coordinator, Mr. Ashok who takes 2 hours of class for the students, every day. With his efforts now the current strength of the students is 28, and we hope to reach more in the future

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