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Building Entrepreneurship skills among Students

Entrepreneurs and businesses form an essential part of the society. Entrepreneurs play an important role in bringing up the society in terms of financial and human resources. India being a developing country requires more and more successful young entrepreneurs to meet the growing needs of the country.

A small attempt was made by the 9th class students of our Vidyalaya towards learning the basics skillset, in the most practical way. Students prepared colorful diyas and sold them. They were very excited and involved themselves actively throughout the process. Students, themselves bought the required raw materials. They made them look attractive by painting them with vibrant colors. They also packed the items beautifully, and finally took them into the market, sold them. The most important aspect of this venture was - selling the product.

Young students have the inevitable power of doing things with great courage and they look out to ditch the corporate rat race. The students of the present generation look out to become their own bosses and aspire to invent new things. It is the responsibility of the education system and the parents to motivate young aspirants to become entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship must be made a part of education just as science, mathematics, technology and language form a part of education.

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