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A Visit by Mr. Samarth Kanchibail, Member, Board of Advisor and Mr. Ravi, from Isha Foundation

Today Mr. Samarth Kanchibail, Member, Board of Advisor and Mr. Ravi, from Isha Foundation visited our school and spent the day with them.They both were really excited to talk to the students. Mr. Samarth is a Senior Software Developer, at USA. He mentioned that every time he traveled to India, it always feels like a few weeks will not be enough to visit family and friends. He says, "In a blink of an eye my return flight will be ready to get on board. However, this time it is a little different. I got an opportunity from Amrut Kulkarni to visit the high school that has been started by a few kind hearts. I was looking forward to interacting with the high school kids near Nippani, Chikodi. Amrut drove us to the school."

Mr. Ravi was on a tour to teach yoga across the country from Isha foundation. Even he visited our school.

Both of them were surprised and melted their hearts knowing the fact that teachers and staff here have worked for free from 1986 till 1997. Today the school has stood strong because of their sacrifice.

Here is the total experience of Samarth sir in his words -

" As we entered the school, summer English classes were going on for the 8th and 9th class students. Students explained the skills they have been taught in school along with the curriculum. With glowing eyes and a wide smile on their face, they showed us the beautiful crafts such as chalk holders from wood, wooden sitting pallette, wooden switch boards and many others. I was amazed to see how they have learnt to repair the school windows on their own, using a pipe cutting machine, wiring the bulbs with switches and a wood board holder. Not just that, they even know how to operate the cutting and drilling machine.

Home science training which includes making tea, peanuts candy bar, pickles, chat items is very helpful for the kids to be independent. The outcome is already effective as these students have earned 2800 Rupees in a village fair using this training.

The best part of the day was the interaction with the students. I always wanted to guide the young brains. When I was a student, I wrote my goals in a diary and followed until I met each of them. Today, I taught the very same technique to these students because I know what worked for me will definitely help these brave kids. All the students enthusiastically interacted with us. They kept us busy with their curious questions and took notes.

There are certain things in life which we cannot buy with money. This is one such thing. This school visit would be the highlight of my India vacation. Will definitely love to visit more schools in the near future and be part of this helpful cause."

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